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International Journal of Graphic Design

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About the Journal

International Journal of Graphic Design (IJGD), to E-ISSN: 2987-9434;  P-ISSN : 2988-0343, is a journal devoted to the publication of scientific articles issued by the National Research and Innovation Center, Institute for Research and Community Service, Semarang University of Computer Science and Technology. This journal is a peer-reviewed and open Visual Communication Design Publication Journal. The fields of study in this journal include the sub-groups of Performing arts, Arts, Crafts, Media and Design. The Art, Design and Media Research Journal accepts articles in English and Indonesian. This journal is published twice a year: May and November.

Focus And Scope

International Journal of Graphic Design (IJGD), at the University of Computer Science and Technology, Central Java, Indonesia. Through this conference, we invite experts, practitioners, lecturers, students, and education observers from around the world to sit together to explore various issues and debates about educational research, policy, and experience. This conference aims to provide a platform to optimize, improve and develop education, social sciences and technology in the Digital Age.