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Jurnal Pendidikan Sosial dan Humaniora

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About the Journal

PediaQu: Jurnal Pendidikan Sosial dan Humaniora, E-ISSN: 2964-6499, P-ISSN= 2964-7142 accepts submissions of articles that provide insight into current and major related issues in education, social sciences and humanities. This journal provides a venue for researchers to discuss, pursue and promote knowledge in the emerging and developing fields of social science education and humanities. Articles can be written in English or Indonesian.

Focus and Scope

Jurnal Pendidikan is a scientific journal that contains and disseminate the results of research, in-depth study, and the ideas or innovative work in the field of science education. The innovative work of the teachers and lecturers of the development of the education sector which is able to make a positive contribution to the schools and educational institutions the focus of this journal.

  1. Instructional Media

  2. Instructional Models

  3. Learning Aproach

  4. Instructional Strategies

  5. Intructional Methods

  6. Teaching Techniques

  7. Teaching Tactics

The POLITICAL SCIENCE sub-cluster includes: Political Science, Criminology, International Relations, Administrative Sciences (Commerce, State, Public, Development, Etc.), Criminology, Law Studies, Government Science, Social and Political Sciences, Development Studies (Development Planning, Regions, Cities ), National Defense, Police Science, Public Policy, Other Fields of Political Science Not Yet Listed

The SOCIAL SCIENCES sub-cluster includes: Social Welfare Science, Sociology, Humanities, Regional Studies (Europe, Asia, Japan, Middle East Etc.), Archeology, Sociatry, Population (Demography and Other Population Studies), History (Historical Studies), Studies Culture, Islamic Broadcasting Communication, Communication Studies, Anthropology, Other Social Fields Not Yet Listed