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Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Politeknik Sandi Karsa (Abdimas Polsaka)

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About the Journal

Abdimas Polsaka ISSN:2829-162X  is a scientific health journal published by Politeknik Sandi Karsa Makassar. It is an open-accessed journal, peer-reviewed. This journal aims to disseminate the conceptual thoughts, ideas, research results, or best practices that have been achieved in the area of community health services. The journal scopes a broad range of health disciplines such as nutrition, environmental health, community nursing, and community midwifery. Published March and September every year.

Aim and Scope

Abdimas Polsaka is a medium for academicians, government, private companies, and social institutions to communicate community empowerment activities. Each published article is expected to provide new insights and inspire activities elsewhere on related issues.

This journal focuses on nutrition, environmental health, community nursing, and community midwifery